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2023 Spring / Summer Happenings

Spring Conditioning
Monday and Wednesdays from 3:15 to 4:30pm starting April 24th.  We’ll meet at the Fieldhouse each day.

Summer Open Gyms – UPDATED!
9-11:00am Monday and Wednesdays starting June 12th. June 5th and 7th are during youth camp and we will just have the condition aspect starting at 10 or 10:30am depending on which camp you are working. June 19th and 21st will also be just conditioning starting at 10:00am. We’ll meet in the Fieldhouse and need everything set up by 8:45am.

Youth Camp: June 5th-9th
9-10:30am (2nd-4th graders)
11am-12:30pm (5th-6th grade and intermediate 7th-8th grade)
1-3pm (advanced 7th-8th grade and incoming freshman)
All prospective players will need to work at least one camp time slot.

Team Camp: July 17th-21st
9am-12pm and 1pm-3pm.  Strongly recommended to be here for this.

Moratorium Week: July 1st-7th
No open gyms, weights or conditioning are allowed.

July 31st and August 1st after school.  Practices will begin immediately after.

Once school lets out, everyone needs a new physical to participate. Any physical after April 1st will work for the upcoming season. Please also make sure to set up everything on PRIVIT. Information on this can be found on our website as well as the schools.